Laboratory Point of Use High Purity Systems




We make it easy to fit laboratories with the exact water treatment specifications needed for the applciation. Our service and prices are very competitive. If you want to save money without sacraficing quality, give Purlogix a call!


The system combines Millipore’s state-of-the-art Elix electrodeionization technology with the best purification technologies - Progard pre-treatment cartridge, advanced reverse osmosis and an optional 254 nm UV lamp. The Elix system is designed to meet or exceed requirements as described by ISO® 3696 (Grade 2 water); ASTM® D1193 (Type 2 resistivity and TOC Table I specifications).

Type I

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Nanopure ultrapure water purification system is an excellent product for scientists that look for exceptional performace for today’s critical and sensitive applications. The Nanopure system is the best choice for producing Type 1 ultrapure water for vital laboratory applications.

Type II

Ideal for a wide range of Type II water applications including microbiological media and buffer preparation, manufacturing of chemical and biochemical reagents, and clinical applications, as well as to feed ultrapure water systems like our Thermo Scientific Barnstead Nanopure.